Hemphill Fine Arts, Washington, DC Dietel Office/Restreat, Little Washington, VA Teatro Goldoni Restaurant, Washington, DC Kinkead's Colvin Run Tavern, Vienna, VA Bar 1331, JW Marriott, Washington, DC Yanyu Restaurant, Washington, DC Bistro Bis Restaurant, Washington DC
Poste, Washington DC
Zola, Washington, DC
Teatro Goldoni Restaurant, Washington, DC
Kinkead's Colvin Run Tavern, Vienna, VA
Bar 1331, JW Marriott, Washington, DC
Yanyu Restaurant, Washington, DC
Bistro Bis Restaurant, Washington DC
A Private Gallery for a Tribal Art Collection Futures by Temps & Co., Reston, VA Marriott Test Kitchen & Boardroom, Bethesda, MD Foxhall Residence, Washington, DC Raku - An Asian Diner, Washington, DC & Bethesda, MD Trellis Restaurant, Williamsburg, VA Morowitz Library Pavilion, Bethesda, MD
Zaytinya, Washington, DC
Futures by Temps & Co., Reston, VA
Marriott Test Kitchen & Boardroom, Bethesda, MD
SomaFit, Washington, DC
Raku - An
Asian Diner, Washington, DC & Bethesda, MD
Trellis Restaurant, Williamsburg, VA
Dupont Grille, Washington, DC
Washington, DC
Created as a non-membership club incorporating the best aspects of personal training, exercise classes, and a full service spa. The company's "work/reward" approach to fitness became the cornerstone for the design concept. SomaFit features an uplifting and luminous environment distinguished by its sensual curves, soft natural wood tones, and neutral colors that set a soothing tone. Accents in vibrant colors of orange and blue are juxtaposed against the interior's palette of soft whites, and rich dark woods.
Washington, DC
This restaurant features a dramatic street entry, separate bar area, a display kitchen, dining hall and a private dining space. Because it is located in an historic building special care was given to integrate the modern design into the existing structure. Woods, metals, a neutral color palette, large mirrors and custom furniture come together in a contemporary and reduced interpretation of a traditional brasserie.
Washington, DC
With an eye on intrigue and mystery the restaurant has seating for 175 with a private dining room for 40 guests. Ovals cut through the six high-backed, deep red velvet booths, reminiscent of luxurious train parlors, allow guests a quick peek into adjacent quarters. Dark wood portals connect the dining areas along an axis of wine displays along the corridor. Rich deep reds, exotic dark woods, and high tech metals come together to enhance the dining experience.
Washington, DC
With seating for 200 and 42 at the bar the restaurant experience centers on a dramatic two story tall glass fronted space. Smaller dining rooms feature views to the open kitchen and the adjoining an outdoor dining area. A two-story marble grid wall that holds large white candles separates the bar area from the restaurant. With white washed surfaces, finished concrete floors, dark walnut millwork, white marble, and blackened steel the space pays homage to the architecture of the Greek isles.
Dupont Grille
Washington, DC
Located in the Jury's Hotel on Dupont Circle this existing restaurant lacked sufficient seating to cater to the hotel guests. We designed a glass pavilion sidewalk café. Terrazzo flooring, cherry woods with black accents, glass tiles, leather and satin metals come together to make a bold clean look. The final touch are a series of 8' x 8' center pivoting glass doors along the facade, that make the entire building open out to the street.
Avenue at the J.W. Marriott Hotel
1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC
Avenue is a casual, metropolitan restaurant designed to offer an energized and uplifting dining experience. Light woods, satin metals and accents of color provide a fresh look and contrast against the large historic photographs of Pennsylvania Avenue.
Kinkead's Colvin Run Tavern
Fairfax Square, Vienna, VA
To showcase Bob Kinkead's regional cuisine from the Atlantic coast, Colvin Run was designed as a series of individual dining rooms, capturing the qualities of Maine, Nantucket, Shenandoah, and Charleston.
1331 Restaurant & Bar at the J.W. Marriott Hotel
1331 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC
The concept was inspired by the executive VIP travel lounge. The design offers a plush, comfortable lounge setting with state of the art technologies, evoking the comforts and convenience desired and appreciated by the business traveler.
Spices Restaurant
Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC
Spices is a casual sushi restaurant offering a high energy dining experience in a minimalist interior that captures the crisp, clean lines of Japanese design.
Café Milano Renovation
Prospect Street NW, Washington, DC
An extensive renovation and expansion to this Georgetown restaurant opened up the facade to the patio and created an inviting connection with the exterior. A new entrance and private dining area was also added.
St. Gregory Hotel/Donna's Restaurant
M Street NW, Washington, DC
The conversion of this 1970's office building required extensive renovation and reworking of the exterior, lobby, public spaces, banquet rooms and restaurant. Clean lines in a language of reduced classicism, give the hotel a
unique identity.
Trellis Restaurant
Williamsburg, VA
Trellis was designed to compliment Marcel Desaulnier's innovative and fresh cuisine and to respond to the elegant simplicity of Williamsburg's historic architecture. Using a reduced palette of simple materials and lighting, Trellis feels modern, bright, fresh and current.
Regatta Bar & Restaurant at the Marriott at Metro Center
12th Street NW, Washington, DC

A fresh approach to this seafood restaurant transformed a dull space into a visually rich interior. Subtle nautical elements and references combine to create an exciting dining experience.
Marriott Test Kitchen & Boardroom
Bethesda, MD
The challenge in this multi functional design was to create a series of spaces that served successfully as a boardroom as well as a commercial test kitchen and tasting area. The design uses materials and lighting to reinforce and compliment the varied uses and to dramatically showcase the inventive food of the Marriott chefs.
Teatro Goldoni Restaurant
1909 K Street, NW, Washington, DC
Designed to showcase Chef Aielli's contemporary Venetian cuisine, Teatro brings together the rich, colorful and theatrical character of Venice. Using natural stones, hand blown glass, and patterned surfaces, the soaring, dining spaces unfold, culminating in the dramatic open kitchen.
Levantes Restaurant
19th Street, NW, Washington, DC
Levantes offers Mediterranean cuisine in a casual, contemporary setting. The project challenge was to convert an office space with low ceilings and no street entrance into a highly visible and energized restaurant. The design uses language and materials that echo the eastern Mediterranean region in a pared-down reduced language.
Yanyu Restaurant
Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC
The design draws on traditional Asian architecture with a contemporary interpretation. The result is an interior that strikes a balance between bold architectural elements and comfortable, familiar spaces. There is an infusion of sensual and warm lighting through glowing surfaces and an emphasis on rich, natural materials.
Thunder Grill Restaurant
Union Station, Washington, DC
This beautiful historic building, a two story vaulted space, provided a backdrop for the dramatic design. Thematic references have been manipulated in scale and application to capture the spirit of the Southwest.
Bistro Bis Restaurant
The Hotel George, E St. NW, Washington, DC
The design interprets the classic bistros and brasseries of France. A contemporary language is used to evoke the timeless qualities of this restaurant type. Materials such as mirror, glass, tile and warm woods come together to compliment the concept.
Red at South Street Seaport
New York, NY
The south facing, all-glass facade was used as a giant (interior) billboard. Scale and surrealistic applications of iconographic elements offer a humorous and sensual reinterpretation of the southwest.
Forest Hills Residence
Washington, DC
The renovation of this two story home in Northwest Washington, helped to bring out the best of the original "International Style" design. The interior, uses filtered daylight and hidden source lighting, simple forms, planes and sensual finishes to create a modern Zen-like feel.
Futures by Temps & Co.
Reston Town Center, Reston, VA
By reinventing the way in which this temporary employment agency looks and functions, the company was able to secure retail locations, thereby enticing quality work personnel. With no visual merchandise to display, we created an interior where the architecture in itself was the "merchandise" — highly inventive, provocative and alluring to the passerby.
El Catalan Restaurant
F Street NW, Washington, DC
El Catalan captures the sensual and rich qualities of Catalan architecture, overlayed with the elegance & rusticity of the Spanish vernacular.
Raku - An Asian Diner
Bethesda, MD
The second location for Raku offered a different set of interior challenges. The original design elements were reworked & altered in scale to answer the needs of the tall, dramatic space.
Raku - An Asian Diner
Washington, DC
The concept was to create a casual, high-energy restaurant capturing the feel of Asian street food markets. Elements, such as the blackened hearth, glowing shoji screens, custom designed parasol lights, and a sensual mix of stones, woods, and metals come together to make Raku an exciting dining experience.
Austin Grill
Bethesda, MD
This Tex-Mex restaurant brought together a team of artists, under A&D's supervision, to capture the restless, transient and colorful qualities of the region.
Mendocino Grill
Washington, DC
The design was inspired by California wine country, specifically the Mendocino region. Warm woods, stucco walls, metals and combine to create a simple, modern and elegant interior.
Georgetown Seafood Grill
Washington, DC
A casual seafood restaurant inspired by simple nautical themes provides a comfortable and familiar interior with a fresh interpretation.
Thyme Square Restaurant
Bethesda, MD
A vibrant and casual whole food restaurant drawing on farmer's market imagery. Rustic materials combined with colorful murals create a whimsical and energized interior.
Provence Restaurant
Washington, DC
Renowned chef Yannick Cam wanted an elegant, yet rustic setting for his Provencal cuisine. Vaulted ceilings, stucco walls, custom ironwork and light fixtures combined with sensual materials evoke the feeling of southern France.
Coco Loco Restaurant
Washington, DC
The Coco Loco concept is based on the Brazilian "churasqueria" — a steakhouse and grill. The interior was designed as a collage of imagery, drawing on the rich history of Brazil with Portuguese, Spanish and Amazonian influences. The architectural styles of the region informed this bold and colorful design.
Hemphill Fine Arts
33rd St NW, Washington, DC
An industrial loft space in the heart of Georgetown was converted into a private gallery, office, artist studio and home. The design allows the spaces to stand alone or to combine into a larger space for business or social gatherings. The gallery-a cube with one angled face that addresses the large street-front window, provides the feel of a grand space yet intimate in scale.
Robert Lehrman Private Gallery & Office
Washington, DC
An industrial loft space was converted into a private gallery and office. A central circulation spine defines the space into zones for arrival, gallery, offices and service spaces, while providing large, dramatic expanses of wall surface for art display. The design allows for office functions during the day and provides a venue for gatherings and receptions in the evening.
Moe Cabin
Calvert County, MD
We drew on the vernacular tidewater architecture as inspiration for this contemporary cabin. Set onto an existing foundation, the site was dominated by several large and spectacular trees, which we wished to save. The house was designed around a "great room" with living, dining and kitchen in one space. We used exposed Amish-cut timber trusses forming a dramatic cathedral ceiling and incorporated large expanses of glass addressing the stunning views of the Patuxent River.
Waitzkin Residence
Potomac, MD
In renovating the kitchen, dining, and family rooms of this contemporary home, we were able to make a significant improvement to the look and feel of the house. Warm cherry wood, absolute black granite and glazed ceramic tile give the open kitchen a dramatic look. The tall volume of space is heightened by the use of two-story cabinetry.
Barista Brava
Washington, DC
An espresso bar drawing on Italian and Californian influences, Barista has a vibrant and fresh interior. Using iconic forms and materials found in classic espresso machines, the design celebrates the world of coffee. We used evocative materials such as copper and burnished metalic surfaces.
Foxhall Residence
Washington, DC
Our approach was to transform this center hall colonial into a modern home with a new identity. We reorganized the entrance, stairwell, and circulation spine, creating an axial entrance & approach through the house. Spaces were laid out to unfold from front to back in a layered procession, culminating to a view of the garden & pool.
Morowitz Library Pavilion
Bethesda, MD
The client's collection of Greek antiquities, inspired us to develop a design using classical Greek principals of siting and form. Placed at an angle and up a hill, the pavilion becomes a symbolic retreat.
Capitol Hill Residence
Washington, DC
A complete renovation of the rear of a Capitol Hill town house, with a state-of-the-art contemporary kitchen.
Zei Night Club
Washington, DC
The project entailed the conversion of an electrical substation into a multi-level nightclub. The concept explored the dynamics of voyeurism and exhibitionism resulting in dramatic and over-scaled architectural elements that provided a backdrop to the club activities.
Dietel Office/Retreat
Little Washington, VA
Our client approached us to renovate a two hundred year old log cabin, into an office. Our recommendation was to leave the historic structure intact, and instead to build a "contemporary log cabin". The new structure sits idyllically, facing a magnificent view of the mountains. The structure draws on the local, rural vernacular, using materials that blend in harmoniously into its farm setting.
Baltimore Aquarium
Baltimore, MD
We developed an exhibit display, using transparency art. Set into a dark space, the exhibit takes on a cinematic quality and recedes, allowing the fish tanks to predominate. The units were designed as prototypes and had to be functional and easy to handle.
Eastcoast Restaurant
Westport, CT
A conversion of an existing single-story shed building into a high energy restaurant with a nautical theme. Use of weathered materials & nautical imagery created a feel of the North Atlantic.
Planning Research Corporation
McLean, VA
The challenge of this project was to create a warm and inviting office interior within a large computer vault. The design evokes the feel of executive board rooms and uses rich, warm materials that contrast against the high-tech computer systems. Given the high security nature of the vault enclosure and the need for the interior to be demountable, we designed a series of self-supporting modular components.
Chrome Photographic Services
Q Street NW, Washington, DC
The Chrome design brings together a visual language that speaks of photography. Chrome set a new standard for professional photographic reproduction and the design captures the identity of this company. Comprised of over 11,000 square feet, dark neutral gray walls, over-scaled frames with luminous display surfaces and occasional splashes of intense color, form a dramatic backdrop to the large display of photography.
Mitchell & Company Design Offices
Q Street NW, Washington, DC
The redesign of this cutting edge graphic design office included public spaces and conference areas. Designed to project a corporate and professional look, the spaces had to provide maximum display capabilities as well as be warm and comfortable. Warm woods, polished granites and black steel are used to reinforce the concept.
Georgetown Residence
Washington, DC
A small and very narrow historic house was completely renovated, while preserving the historic façade. The interior and rear are contemporary and open in planning, with large expanses of glass connecting the garden and visually extending the house. Rich textures and sensual materials give added depth and dimension.
Doxiades Residence
New York, NY
The renovation of this large Riverside Drive coop into a spacious and comfortable family apartment. We used warm materials to compliment the owner's antique furnishings.
J. Gibson & Co. Design Offices
31st Street NW, Washington, DC
We renovated this loft like building to accommodate an innovative communications company. A dramatic central atrium forms the "core" of the design, with studio spaces branching off from the center. A contemporary language (with bold sculptural elements) is used to reinforce the identity of the company.
Meyer, Faller Weisman Law Offices
Washington, DC
An extensive renovation of an existing law office to provide additional space and to give an updated image to the firm. We combined rich, warm materials in the reception area and conference rooms and contrasted this approach against a more streamlined and open design for the adjoining offices.
Dupont Hotel
Washington, DC
We chose to embrace the distinct character and architectural period of the building, juxtaposing its modern language of light and space through A•D’s unique point of view. By maximizing glazing in public spaces and working to open up the floors as much as possible, we were able to greatly enhance the hotel’s visual impact.

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