Adamstein • Demetriou's work has been featured in such publications as Architectural Record, Business Week, Interior Design Magazine, Architectural Digest, Rizzoli's Private Washington, World Architecture, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Interiors Magazine, Hospitality Design, Metropolitan Home, Architecture Magazine, Washingtonian Magazine as well as featured on Fox Television. A detailed list follows:

Interior Design Magazine, January 2002
"Bar 1331" Award winner

Washington Business Journal, November 2001
"A Shared Passion" Eleni Chamis

Washingtonian Magazine, November 2001
"Kinkead's Colvin Run"

Washington Weekend, November 2001
"Colvin Run Tavern"

Washington Flyer Sept/October 2001
"Kinkead's Colvin Run"

The Washington Post Magazine, June 2001
"From Darkness to Lightness" Spices

Architectural Digest, February 2000
Private Tribal Amazonian Art Gallery

Restaurant 2000, Cristy Casamassima
"Provence Restaurant"

Magazine, September 1999
"Teatro Goldoni"

The Washington Post Styke Section, October 1999
"In Fine Feather" Private Tribal Amazonian Art Gallery

Washingtonian Magazine, July 1999 Robert Schoffner
"Upscale Pan-Asian Cooking in Cleveland Park" Yanyu

Washington Flyer, September 1999 Stephanie Berry
"New Eats Give K Street a Food Lift", Teatro Goldoni

Roll Call, Around the Hill, April 1999 Stacey Holt
"Restaurant TriesWin Where UnionStation Tenants Have Not"

Washington Weekend, May 1999 Corinna Lothar
"Levantes: Mediterranean Fare Downtown"

Washington Business Journal March 1999 Pat Lopes Harris
"Fabrizio Aielli,Italian chef's menu features good business"

Book: "American Theme Restaurants", 1999 Tao, Tagudi, Saito

Business Week, November 1998
"Futures by Temps & Co. "

Architectural Record, October 1998 C.A.P.
"Going Retail, Futures by Temps Uses Architecture to Tell It's Story."

Washington Flyer, November /December 1998 Charlene Duryea
"Dining Seen", Bis

The Washington Post Magazine, December 1998 Phyllis C. Richman
"French Immersion Program", Bis

Sidewalk Washington,D.C. October 1998 Tom Sietsema
"Bis -- The Thrill of the Hill, more or less"

The Washington Post, Style Section, October 1998 Benjamin Forgey
"Restaurant Designs to Simply Dine For", Bis

Hospitality Design Magazine, November1998 Candice Hochstetter
"Raku o Hospitality Gold Key Awards Finalist"

Rizzoli's book, Private Washington, 1998 Jan Cigliano
"Theo Adamstein & Olvia Demetriou House"

Book: Cafes & Bistros, 1998 Martin M. Pegler
"Georgetown Seafood Grill"

Interior Design Magazine, November 1997 J.N.
"Raku an Asian Diner"

The Washington Post Style Section, December 1997 Benjamin Forgey
"The Building Boom of 1997"

World Architecture Magazine, October 1997 Raul Baraneche
"Raku Asian Diner, MD"

The Washington Post, Home Section, June 1997 Nancy McKean
"Waitzkin Renovation"

The Washington Post Magazine, June 1996 Phyllis C. Richman
"Heat 'n' Serve", Raku

The Washington Post, Food Section, May 1996 Candy Sagon
"Rockin' Raku"

The Washington Post, Food Section, May 1996 Judith Weinraub
Rockin' Raku"

Washington Flyer, December1995 Charlene Duryea
"Raku Asian Diner"

Washingtonian Magazine, September 1995 Diana McLellan
"Designing Duo"

The New York Times, Home Section, June 1995 Timothy Ward
"All This and Noodles, Too", Raku Asian Diner

Washington Post Magazine, May 1995 Kathleen Stanley
"On the Waterfront, Moe Cabin"

Washingtonian Magazine, November 1994 Robert Schoffner

The New York Times, Travel Section, November 1994 Nancy Harmon Jenkins
"Culinary Diversity in D.C.", Provence

The Washington Post, Home Section, October 1994 Jura Koncius
"Taste of the Town", Provence

The Washington Post, Weekend Section, July 1994 Eve Zeibart
"On The Town: Coco Loco"

The Washington Post, Food Section, June 1994 Suzanne Hamlin
"The Mediterranean Diet", Provence

The Washington Post, Home Section, April 1994 Patricia Dane Rogers
"Additions Claim Architecture Prizes: Morowitz Pavilion"

Elle Decor Magazine, February 1994
"Morowitz Pavilion"

Interior Design Magazine, November 1993 A.L.
"Hirshfeld Residence"

Book: Bars, Nightclubs, & Taverns, 1993 Jordan Mozer
"Club Zei"

The Washington Post, Home Section, 1993 April Michelle Vaughen
"Espresso Passion:Barista Brava"

Architectural Record Lighting, February 1993
"Club Zei"

Washingtonian Magazine, June, 1992 Diane Lazarus
"Award Winnning Homes"

House Beautiful, 1992 September Barbara Flanagan
"The Office Comes Home" (The Dietel Office Retreat)

Washingtonian Magazine, 1992 June Diane Lazarus
"Award Winning Homes" (Hirshfeld Residence)

The Washington Post, Style Section, November 1991 Benjamin Forgey
"Award Winning Homes" (Hirshfeld Residence)

The Washington Post, Style Section, August 1991 Benjamin Forgey
"Standout That Blend Right In" (Dietel Office Retreat)

Designers West, June 1991
" Adamstein & Demetriou Residence II"

Designer Magazine, June 1991
"Adamstein & Demetriou Residence II"

Washingtonian Magazine, 1991 June
"Adamstein & Demetriou Residence II"

The Washington Post, Home Section, May 1991 Patricia Dane Rogers
"Big Ideas Enliven Small Jobs"

Architecture Magazine, April 1991 Heidi Landecker
"Corporate Cabin"

Washington Business Journal, March 1991
"Firm Profile"

The Washington Post Home, December 1990 Constance Stapleton
"Cabin Fever", Dietel Office /Retreat

The Washington Post, Home Section, November 1990 Patricia Dane Rogers
"When Architects Turn the House Around"

Metropolitan Home Magazine (cover), October 1990 Timothy J. Ward
"Great Transformations" (Adamstein & Demetriou Residence II)

The Washington Post Magazine, September 1990 Nancy McKean
"Starting Over" (Adamstein & Demetriou Residence II)

Progressive Architecture, July 1990
"Young Architects, Firm Profile"

Interiors Magazine, October 1989 Justin Henderson
"The Subtle Shore" (East Coast Restaurant)

Restaurant" Restaurant & Hotel Design, June 1989 Linda Lee Moore
"Sea Flare: Bold Materials Transform a Bland Setting into a Stunning

Metropolitan Home Magazine, May 1988 Ziva Freiman
"Photo Finish: Modern's New Frame of Mind"
The Washington Post, Home Section, 1987 January Judith Weinraub
"A narrow House Gets a Loft-Like Look"
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